Health program

The aim of this program is to provide specialized medical care and medication to the population in straight collaboration with the Regional Government.

Since December 2010, Ascendere is shifting to the island of Principe a team of five members, consisting of specialists in internal medicine, obstetrics-gynecology and infectious diseases, to provide specialized medical care in the local hospital and in five peripheral health centers. In addition, this team has ongoing surveys in four areas of great public health impact, namely hypertension, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and cervix cancer.

Since April 2012, an outpatient clinic for prenatal care that includes performing fetal ultrasound is in operation at the local hospital.

In July 2012, the current chairman of the board of Ascendere (an internal medicine specialist in a portuguese hospital) took up residence on the island, where he was born, to work at the local hospital.

This program is funded by Arminda and António Machado and received grants from Montepio bank and GlaxoSmithKline, donation of medications from pharmaceutical companies (Jaba-Recordati, Sanofi-Aventis, Merck), devices from Menarini Diagnostics and HIV tests from Alere Medical Co.


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